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About Us

Strolling down Malden in downtown Fullerton thinking to myself “Is there no place to get a broker pocket option good cup-a-Joe at 10am? And then I saw her coming up the alley wearing a heavy coat that hid her curves but I knew what she was packing. She had a face you couldn’t remember that you should have forgot. But for now I was strictly in the present and when she disappeared behind a door that read, “Max Bloom’s Café Noir” I was all bloodhound. It was one of those places frozen in time during the late 1940’s but only recently thawed. Even the price for a cup of coffee was still under a buck! Off in the corner you could almost see Billie Holiday in front of a Gulbransen Piano as music seeped from an old record player, “He’s not much on looks, he’s no hero out of books”. The smell of fresh roasted Max Bloom’s coffee, muffins, cookies and cakes brought me back to my senses. I heard the kaa-chunk as the door of an old icebox filled with vintage sodas was http://pocketoption.com.pk opened and the thing looked like it was just delivered by Sears & Roebucks. This place was like a movie museum with a giant espresso machine. Had I really stepped back in time? “Hey mack,” I asked the owner behind the counter “who’s Max Bloom?” He just laughed. It was then that I saw her sitting on a stool at the bar watching the blades of a Hamilton Beach malt mixer spin. “A milkshake at 9 in the morning?” I inquired. “Just a piece of the past to sweeten the present.” The owner asked if her beverage would be for here or to go and she hesitated before answering, giving me an up and down glance. “To go” was her reply, but all I could hear by then was Billie singing the blues, “What’s the difference if I say I’ll go away, when I know I’ll come back.”

“Maxwell Bloom like a half forgotten tune, walks the street beneath a cloudy day.
A man out of season, a force beyond reason, searching for a past that got away.”

So begins the theme song for an unfinished film Lost Angeles about a hard boiled detective searching the present for clues to his identity from the past. Max’s untold story would ultimately provide pocket option the genesis for the café named in his honor – Max Bloom’s Café Noir.

Max Bloom's Cafe Noir is a community supported neighborhood coffee house which encourages all forms of art and expression. Each week we have open mic night on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Open mic features music, poetry readings and comedy. There is live music on Saturday night, open mic theater Mondays and featured artists of the month exhibiting photography, painting and illustrating. Check our calendar page for current events.

We offer free WIFI with purchase.

Our hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 10:00pm, and Saturday from 4:00 to 10:00pm. We are closed on Sunday.

To keep our prices as low as possible, we accept cash only.

Hope to see you soon!